Invest in Big Data Smartly

With the raise in AI and machine learning, companies in APAC region are investing large sums of money in Big data and analytics.  It is now a new source for pushing the economy.

However, as a data science consulting company, we do suggest – “understand before invest”.  Our sister company has participated in 5 projects in last 3 years to “rescue” clients getting wrong with other consultants.  It is the right direction to invest in Big data for insights, decision support and automation.  Nevertheless, the positive result is only based on whether you’re getting the implementation running at the right track.

We do have some suggestions:

  1. Don’t take IT company as “Big Data” consultants
  2. Don’t take the team focused on hardware / software selling
  3. Do take the team with Project Management and Analytic methodologies well presented to the business users before the project start
  4. Do take the team with Business Analysts or consultants
  5. Do take the team with tracking records
  6. Do start the project small and transform your business with iterations

Finally, it’s really important for business to have proper analytics to support the survival and continuous growth.  I do recommend every business manager should study things like “data management” and “data driven business”, etc.

Big Data Analytics

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