Recommended Article: Five Characteristics of a Data-Driven Company

We would like to share an article in the TDWI website by Irina Peregud.  It is talking about the 5 characteristics of a Data-driven company.  With the digital age nowadays, data analytics play a more vital role on the business development.

(Original Article in English)

For the 5 characteristics mentioned, they are:

  1. Creative executives who run their businesses with passion and curiosity
  2. Data democratization – related to the level of disclosure of data
  3. Data literacy – employees’ ability to read, work, analyze, and argue with data
  4. Automation of data management workloads – lots of manual work will kill the possibility of “data-driven”.
  5. A companywide, data-driven culture – education plays a very important role for the culture

We would like to borrow the ideas for different experts to help clients working out a real data-driven organization.  Also, we are working with clients for IoT analytics initialized by top executive with the passion on data.  With our team experience, data-driven culture is the most critical characteristic (especially the mind-set of top management)

Data driven company

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