Identify Gentrification and Prediction on Demand Changes

There is an article in the talking about the gentrification.  In US, the original term refers to higher income (white people) moving their homes and businesses into low-income minority neighborhoods.  However, similar situation is found developed cities like Hong Kong, you can find professionals or middle class moving into Shamshuipo (a district with lowest average household income) due to Urban renewals with newly introduced tall residential buildings.  It changes of the business environment.  You couldn’t find any café 10 years ago in this area.  However, there are 5 different “luxury” café in the district about 1047 heatares.

Original Article:

For facing the dynamics of a city, data is very important for businesses to identify the market trends in home building and estimating the demand for commercial space with the categorization of activities.   With the data science and data analytics, it helps to explore more possibilities with insights & prediction from data.

ShamShuiPo Changes

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