Computer Vision Lab

In the Quarter 3 of 2017, the computer vision laboratory is being opened.  There are PC workstations in Ubuntu Linux, Windows 10 as the image processing development machine.  Also, we have our own private cloud for the processing of large scale image processing.


Currently, there is a retail chain using our face recognition engine to identify their VIP member.  However, our research & development is never stopped and more projects are going ahead.  There is a pedestrian detection engine and traffic control robot under constructions.


For this lab, there is a small team named “Mine Object (” and an individual website with more detailed information available.


Equipment Available:

  1. Digital Camera with 360 feature
  2. 4K – Digital Video Recorder
  3. IP Camera
  4. WebCam
  5. Raspberry Pi w/ Camera
  6. Top-class PC Workstations
  7. Private Cloud (Open Stack)


Our vision: “Transform data into actions”.