Our experts will go onsite to build the solution by understanding your business problems with new project management method and never treat it as a computer system development.  We work out your unique solution with our in-depth knowledge of business operation and data science.

As we are independent consulting companies, we are never tied up with only 1 vendors.  We are picking different solutions to fit for the client needs.

Big Data

We help customers with Smart Data rather than just Big Data. It is a must to do data cleansing in order to get the valuable information with the help of other techniques like Analytics, Data Mining.

In the market, most people doing Big Data are “over-focused” on technology like infrastructure. They are always overlooking the considerations on answering the business problems by the proper application of technology with domain knowledge.

There are lots of programmers naming themselves as Big Data experts.   Our senior members are all with reputation in the area of data analytics including Chartered Management Consultant, Financial Controller, Technical Experts, Data Scientist etc.

Data Warehouse

Even Big Data is hot, the Data Warehouse is still valuable as in the “Big Data” scope in providing important business information. Structural data from internal source systems should be consolidated and transformed to the data warehouse for Dashboards, Reports and Analytics.

It is vital to note that Data Warehouse is one of the highest failure type of projects in the world.  Thus, most of these failed cases are running without a proper project implementation method.  Our team is always replicating our successful experience for every customer.

Business Intelligence

With the advance technology, Business Intelligence solutions should present data from Data Warehouse and Big Data repository for analytics and reporting with beautiful interfaces.

There is a common misunderstanding for Business Intelligence – When the tools are ready, the data analytics are also ready. This is totally wrong as the source data should be come from Data Warehouse or Big Data repository.

In general, the success BI solutions are always taking at least 3 months up to 1 year for the implementation. It depends on the “data readincess” including completeness and quality.

Advanced Analytics

Our Data Scientists are working with predictive analysis with advanced technology and techniques.  We are always taking open source tools like R and Python for building our own statistical models.  However, our team is also delivering data mining services with SAS or SPSS.  This is one of the main difference with a data science team or just an IT team calling themselves – “data scientist”.

Other Technology Solutions

We are working with our sister company in delivering “Object” recognition project like “Facial Recognition” of VIP for retail chains.  Our software engineers are using C++, C# and python together in order to capture images for image processing and machine learning.  We lead ourselves to be a company transforming “Data to Actions”.

Quick-Start Service

Quick start service is aimed to enable your BI journey within 1 month including a number of enablement activities. They are:

  1. Onsite Study and Advice with best practice
  2. Suggested Software Setup & Configuration
  3. Introduction Workshop on BI / Analytic tools
  4. Introduction of Data Analytic Concepts
  5. Email / Phone Support
  6. Production Rollout Support